The shipping solution that works

Ship packages automatically at lowest rate.
Without writing code.


All carriers in one stop

One API rules them all

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Multiple carriers support

We make it very easy to ship using different carriers, satisfying your variant business requirements. As your business is growing, we are continuously working on integrating more and more carriers to providing even better service.


Only One API

We do all the heavy lifting for you, providing you a modern state-of-the-art API that helps boosting your business.

Domestic? International? They are all the same

Sell internationally? It will make no difference any more.


Global delivery

We partner with carriers that deliver globally.


Logistic experts

Our team has over 10 years of experience in logistic. Don't hesitate to let us know the challenges you are facing - we are always here to help!


Multilingual customer support

You can always be helped by our customer support in your native language.

A shipping solution for every platform

With fully native apps for iOS and Android, your packages can be shipped from anywhere.


What people say about us

  • 『代购之间的竞争越来越激烈,大家都在拼价格。有了PkgRun,hiahia,我的竞争力就更强了!比同行们的价格低,但是利润却更多啦!』

  • 『随着我们网站订单数量的增长,物流的问题越来越突显出来,漏发、错发、包裹状态不能及时更新。。。使用了你们的服务之后,这些重复性的劳动全都自动化了,成本降低了,客户体验却更好了。谢谢你们提供这么好的服务!』